Ranging from rolling deserts to ever-lit cities and gigantic palaces to sandy beaches, the Middle East is a place that has something for everyone. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this place offers a perfect collision of history and culture with modern aesthetics. In fact, you don’t know luxury until you have visited the Middle East, which is why we are sharing some of the most luxurious destinations for tourists!

Alila Jabal Akhdar

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Located in Oman, this place is 2,000m above sea level and lets you enjoy the lush beauty of the Al Hajar Mountains. This place has a stone exterior, which makes it look like an ancient fort. There are multiple suites and villas, and all of them promise an exceptional view of the mountain. Also, when you go there, don’t forget to explore Jabal Akhdar, which is popular for pomegranates and walnuts.
If you are going with your better half, don’t forget to have a private dinner by the arbour, as shimmering waters will create a romantic background. The best thing is that you can go for a walk on the rose terraces, especially if you are visiting during March and May. In fact, while staying here, you can also visit the Bahla Fort as it’s nearby and is protected by UNESCO.

Habitas AlUla

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Middle East trip is incomplete without a trip to Saudi Arabia, which is why we have added Habitas AlUla to the list. Nestled in the Ashar Valley, this destination is surrounded by sandstone cliffs. There are three types of villas here, and they offer private terraces, so you can look at the sandstone canyons from the comfort of your balcony.
They also have a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Middle Eastern and global cuisines – they use fresh and local ingredients for every plate, so the flavor will be mouthwatering. In addition to the restaurants, you can opt for a guided tour that will tell you about the sandstone mountains, high sand dunes, and canyons. Also, there is no shortage of falcon shows and folk dances.

Co Dao

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This is an island in Vietnam, and we recommend that you pack the bags right away. This island used to be a prison colony when French people ruled the country. The island is surrounded by a lush jungle, and the beaches are literally untouched. The island is filled with secluded and stunning coves, which you can explore with a guided tour.
When you visit this island, you can stay at Six Senses because there are luxury villas for people who want a touch of elegance. The rooms have private pools, so your experience will be exceptional, whether you are at the hotel or on the shore.

Don Daeng

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When it comes to enjoying luxury on an island, don’t forget to add Don Daeng to your list, which is in Laos. This is a river island and is one of the most relaxing and chill options out there. There is an amazing hotel on the island, and you’ve the option to explore the village on a bike (you can easily rent it). This island is a perfect option for people who want to enjoy the slow pace of life.
The hotels have private pools and beach areas, so you can have a relaxing time without compromising on your privacy. If you are wondering about the hotels, we recommend going to La Folie. The hotel has wooden lodges with a luxurious finish. In simpler words, it’s an amazing place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Koh Phangan

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Located in Thailand, this island is a piece of paradise on earth. This island promises the most awe-inspiring sunsets, and there are full moon parties for people who like to dance away their worries. On the other hand, there are many Buddhist temples here, so you can have a spiritual experience as well. Not to forget, there are enough places for meditation and retreat.
This island has luxurious boutique hotels which show the true essence of Koh Phangan. To enjoy the best experience, you can opt for Santhiya Resort Koh Phangan & Spa, which is a hillside resort. The resort overlooks crystal clear water, and there is a private beach as well. Also, there is a spa to let you rejuvenate, and at night, you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.

On a concluding note, the world is full of untouched destinations, and we have shared the five best ones for people who are fans of the Middle East and Asia. All of them are luxurious and give you an exclusive experience, making it apt for people who want to disconnect from their busy lives!


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