Ed Sheeran is bringing his Mathematics concert tour to Dubai, promising an unforgettable experience for fans. The pop sensation will perform at The Sevens Stadium, featuring hits from his albums named after math symbols: Plus, Multiply, Divide, Equals, and Subtract.

Key Takeaways

  • Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics tour is coming to Dubai in 2024.
  • The concert will be held at The Sevens Stadium.
  • The set list will include songs from his math-themed albums.

Preparations for the Big Event

Stadium concert preparations typically begin two weeks before the event. For Ed Sheeran’s two-night performance at The Sevens Stadium, extensive infrastructure is being set up, including security fences, archways, entrances, and queuing lanes. Lorries deliver everything from Portaloos to scaffolding equipment to construct audience stands.

A 360-degree revolving stage is being built on the rugby pitch, surrounded by six 30-metre-high masts made from 7.5 tonnes of truss. These pillars will support up to 55 tonnes of suspended equipment, including lights, speakers, and screens.

Behind the Scenes

Thomas Ovesen, the chief executive of All Things Live Middle East, is overseeing the preparations. With a history of organizing sold-out concerts at the venue, including Justin Bieber and One Direction, Ovesen is confident about the success of Sheeran’s concert. He believes the high ticket sales could revive large-scale outdoor music events and festivals in Dubai.

The Challenges

Organizing outdoor concerts is a costly endeavor. Setting up the venue can cost between one to two million dirhams, and securing a high-profile artist like Ed Sheeran requires significant cash flow. Ovesen recalls the financial challenges he faced during a 2007 Aerosmith concert in Dubai, emphasizing the fine margins that can make or break an event.

The Show Must Go On

Despite the challenges, Sheeran’s Mathematics tour has been a massive success, selling out nearly all its dates and attracting over five million attendees. According to Forbes, it was the third highest-grossing tour of 2023, making $240 million. Ovesen is optimistic but cautious, knowing that sudden weather changes can impact outdoor events. However, he assures that the concert will proceed even in light drizzle, barring unsafe conditions.

Ed Sheeran will perform on January 19 and 20 at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai. Doors open at 4 PM, and the show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are available at www.edsheerandxb.com.