Comedian Shawn Chidiac, known for his hilarious impersonations and social media presence, is set to host a new monthly sit-down talk show at VOX Cinemas Mercato Mall in Dubai. The show, titled "Same Same, But Different – A Sit Down with Shawn and Friends," will feature a variety of guests and promises to be a hit among comedy fans.

Key Takeaways

  • Shawn Chidiac will host a new monthly talk show in Dubai.
  • The show will take place at VOX Cinemas Mercato Mall.
  • The first edition will feature guests Denisa Alexe and Noha Bashir.
  • The show will run through the end of the year.

Event Details

The monthly event is slated to take place at VOX Cinemas Mercato Mall, starting on July 6. Following its sell-out success, VOX Cinemas is thrilled to present Shawn Chidiac, also known as ‘My Parents Are Divorced,’ for the third edition of "Same Same, But Different."

Guest Lineup

For the July edition, Shawn will be joined by:

  • Denisa Alexe: A Russian-Romanian content creator famous for her comedic character Ellena on TikTok.
  • Noha Bashir: An Egyptian-Canadian comedian who recently performed at the Dubai Comedy Festival and Abu Dhabi Comedy Week.

About Shawn Chidiac

Shawn Chidiac has garnered popularity through his hilarious impersonations on his Instagram account ‘My Parents Are Divorced.’ The Canadian-Lebanese comedian’s skits focus on everyday scenarios, cultural observations, and humorous takes on family dynamics. He has successfully transitioned from social media fame to live comedy performances and engaging podcast-style talks.

VOX Cinemas: A Hub for Entertainment

In addition to major blockbusters and new movie releases, VOX Cinemas regularly hosts live comedy shows, football matches, concerts, and documentaries, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The addition of Shawn Chidiac’s talk show further enriches the entertainment options available to Dubai residents and visitors.


With a stellar lineup of guests and the comedic genius of Shawn Chidiac, "Same Same, But Different – A Sit Down with Shawn and Friends" is set to become a must-watch event in Dubai’s entertainment calendar. Don’t miss the chance to catch the first edition on July 6 at VOX Cinemas Mercato Mall.